TOPEK –, a.s.


Offer of comprehensive services in warehousing and distribution of oil products of TOPEK –, a.s. company


Storage units of TOPEK –, a.s. company are located in Pardubice, Červené Pečky and Dětmarovice, covering an area of more than 70.000 m². They are equiped with underground and surface tanks with a total volume of over 18.000.000 litres, used for storing diesel fuel and FAME in tempered tanks. We provide storage services for fuel, additives and mixing the fuel with biocomponent with continuous mixing technology directly on dispensing trays. The units are equipped with cleaning and recycling lines for oil management.

Pardubice, Červené Pečky and Dětmarovice plants provide tax free storage services, storing goods extempt from consumption tax. All plants are accessible by railway and are equiped with the technology to transfer, via pump, from both truck and train tanks. Červené Pečky plant also provides warehouses of total surface area of 2.000 m² and large outdoor areas for parking of trucks.

Tax-free oil storage – Pardubice

Tax-free oil storage – Červené Pečky

Tax-free oil storage – Dětmarovice